Dr. Ameer Qasim

(Endodontist and dental abscesses doctor)
  • Bachelor of Dentistry from Al-Baath University
  • Certificate of experience from Zumax Dental Microscope Company
  • Transparent ceramic fittings (veneers - empress.)
  • Transparent ceramic fittings (veneers - empress.)
  • Action Mockup Predicting a smile before work
  • Zircon and button press cosmetic fixtures
  • Minimize dental filing by using magnifying glasses and a dental microscope (microscope.)
  • Treatment of dental abscesses, failed root reprocessing, and dilapidated dental restoration
  • Removal of broken tools inside the roots of the teeth
  • Periodontal treatments and laser gum supply
  • Treating the roots of the teeth with the latest technologies of automatic preparation (Rotary), thermal filling and laser sterilization