Dr. Rania Abdel-Alim Al-Hafian

(Specialist in the treatment of roots and dental abscesses)
  • Postgraduate Master degree in Endodontic and Reconstructive Dentistry, University of Hama - Syria
  • Bachelor of Dentistry from Aleppo University - Syria
  • Member of the Saudi Society for Endodontics
  • Zumax certified in the use of endodontic microscopy (microscope) in all dental treatments and intractable dental cases, removal of broken tools inside the roots of teeth and cases of calcified root canals
  • Treating the roots of the teeth with the latest technologies of automatic preparation (Rotary), thermal filling and laser sterilization
  • Treatment of dental abscesses
  • Cases of failed root re-treatment and rundown tooth restoration
  • Removing broken tools and calcified root canals cases by dental microscopy
  • Cosmetic Dentistry (Hollywood Smile - Veneer)
  • Zircon crowns, Empress, Emax and button Press
  • Teeth whitening