Dr. Sumiah Alsaeed

Dental and Oral Surgery
♦ Experience and qualifications
Bachelor of Oral and Dental Medicine, Ajman University, UAE 2014
Diploma in health quality and accreditation of university hospitals
American- Emirates 2017
She holds a license from the Saudi Commission for Specializations

♦ Specializations
Cosmetic fillings, dental restoration and prostheses
Fixed (crown and bridges) and movable. Dental nerve treatment with the latest automated preparation technology (Rotary System) and treatment of dental abscesses. Dental treatment in children and the use of fillingss
And fluoride Preventive Treatment of gum problems and oral ulcers and cleaning
And polish the teeth Teeth whitening of all kinds by laser or home. « A comprehensive dental examination using x-rays and devices « Other diagnostics and provision of treatment and preventive plan for patients.