Dr. Ameer AlKasem

Endodontist and dental abscesses doctor

♦ Experience and qualifications
Bachelor's degree in dentistry from Al-Baath University.
Experience certificate from Zumax Microscope Company
♦ Specializations

Transparent ceramic fittings (veneers - empress).
Procedures for forming a new smile.
Moke Up work Predicting a smile before work.
Zircon and button-press cosmetic fixtures.
Minimize dental filing by using magnifying glasses and a dental microscope (microscope).
Treatment of dental abscesses, failed root reprocessing, and dilapidated dental restoration. Removing broken tools inside the roots of the teeth. Periodontal treatments and laser gum supply. Treating the roots of the teeth with the latest technologies of automatic preparation (rotary), thermal filling and laser sterilization.