Mesotherapy injection

It is a cosmetic injection that contains vitamins and amino acids that work to restore freshness of the skin and nourish the skin and scalp, the number of sessions varies from one patient to another.

Uses of Mesotherapy

Treatment of hair loss problems 

Skin rejuvenation and freshness 

Nourishing the skin with minerals and vitamins 

Eliminate wrinkles and signs of aging 

Session method:

Mesotherapy has the advantage of being a simple, non-surgical and painless procedure, as you do not need anesthesia during treatment, and the doctor injects the plasma manually or through the use of injection devices, the duration of the session is 30 minutes.

After-session tips:

Use sunblock and avoid exposure to the sun 

Follow a healthy diet to get the best results 

Repeat mesotherapy sessions between each period 

Keep exercising to improve blood circulation 

Avoid using cosmetics immediately after the session