Filler injection

It is a non-surgical cosmetic injection that is used to treat and hide signs of aging, such as static wrinkles and re-filling the spaces under the skin, which shows the skin is fuller and more beautiful, and is characterized by rapid appearance of results and the possibility of using it for men and women and for all types of light and dark skin.

Uses of Fillers:

Lips supply 

Treatment of dark circles 

Defining the lips and nose 

Packing (cheeks - lips - hands) 

Defining the jaw and showing the features of the face (Nefertiti) 

Eliminate static wrinkles and smile lines around the mouth 

Session method:

 The session begins with the application of an anesthetic cream half an hour before the session to avoid the feeling of needles, then the doctor begins injecting the filler under the skin, and the session time ranges from 15-30 minutes, depending on the region.

After-session tips:

Avoid applying pressure to injection sites.

Avoid smoking and secondhand smoke -

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight -

No removing facial hair for at least three days.

Avoid taking blood-thinning medications to avoid bruising.

Avoid skin cleansing sessions and cosmetics for a week. .