Metal Orthodontics

Metal orthodontics is one of the ancient methods of treating dental problems that are still of sufficient importance in the world of orthodontics. They are small supports made of rust-resistant metal that are fixed on the surfaces of the teeth using a medical adhesive and then they are all attached using a metal wire Thin, and the treatment period ranges from one to one and a half years depending on the case.

Its uses

  • Improve the appearance of teeth and smile.
  • Stimulate the implanted teeth in the gums to grow.
  • Treatment of spaces between teeth and their inconsistency.
  • Treatment of cleft lip and palate problems.
  • Treatment of speech difficulties and stuttering problems in children.
  • Treatment of protruding jaws and correction of occlusion of front and back teeth
  • Prevention of gum disease, dental problems and mouth odor resulting from crowded teeth.


  • Fixed straightening and cannot be removed, which increases its effectiveness.
  • Less expensive compared to other types of orthoses.
  • Treat difficult dental problems