Carbon laser

It is a laser light used for skin peeling and works to stimulate collagen and get rid of dead skin cells, and it is known as Hollywood peeling because of its clear effect on the freshness and gloss of the skin.

Carbon laser uses:

Remove dead skin cells 

Treatment of large pores 

Restore clarity and freshness to the skin 

Skin lightening and pigmentation treatment 

Treatment of uneven skin tone 

Treatment of excess lipid secretion in the skin 

Session method:

A layer of carbon particles is placed on the face or hands for half an hour, and then a laser beam is passed over the long-wavelength carbon parts, which in turn will increase the spread of carbon particles on the skin, and then the doctor passes short-wave laser beams that capture the laser atoms Loaded with dead cells.

After-session tips:

Use a suitable moisturizing cream 

Do not be exposed to direct sunlight. Use a sunblock.