Fractional laser

Fractional laser is one of the modern technologies for skin dermabrasion and treatment of deep skin problems by exposing the skin or affected areas to laser beams of a specific amount and depth to stimulate the skin to rebuild new skin cells without the need for a long recovery period.

They are used for any damaged area of the body as well as for light and dark skin. The patient may need several sessions, varying from three to five sessions depending on the case and the response of the skin to the sessions, where the interval between each session and one session is a minimum of four weeks, the results appear gradually and the results continue to appear for several Months after the end of the last session due to the long-term effect of the .CO2 laser

 Uses of the fractional CO2 laser:

  • Get rid of traces of grains and wounds 
  • Remove dark circles around the eyes  
  • Treat the effects of burns and sunburn 
  • Melasma treatment and pregnancy mask pigmentation 
  • Stimulate collagen and increase skin plumpness 
  • Eyelid tightening and wrinkles treatment around the eye 
  • إزالة التجاعيد و تحسن التجاعيد (الوجه – الرقبة – اليدين )

Session method:

The session procedures begin by placing an anesthetic cream on the skin to reduce the feeling in the heat of the laser beams and feeling uncomfortable during the session, and then the doctor begins to expose the skin to laser rays at a certain depth, and the session duration varies according to the area of the treated area and may be from 40 to 60 minutes.

Tips after completing the session:

  • Avoid exposure to sunlight.
  • Avoid rubbing the area and treat it gently.
  • Not to use make-up and cosmetics.
  • Avoid bathing in hot water or exposing the area to hot water.
  • الحرص على استخدام الكريمات الطبية الموصى بها من خلال الطبيب لترطيب الجلد .