Plasma for face and hair

It is a cosmetic injection that is distinguished from the rest of the cosmetic injections as it is self-injection from the same body, which makes it one of the safest injections. Platelet-rich plasma is used in the treatment of the face, hands and scalp as it works to stimulate skin cells to build new cells and stimulate the collagen substance responsible for Fill the skin and restore its youthfulness, and when used on the scalp, it nourishes the hair follicles and stimulates the growth of new hair follicles.

Plasma uses:

  • Get rid of dark circles.
  • Get rid of the effects of fatigue and fatigue.
  • Stimulate hair growth and nourish the scalp.
  • Stimulate cells and increase collagen production.
  • Skin freshness and masking signs of aging.

Session method:

A quantity of the patient’s blood is drawn and placed in a centrifuge, which in turn separates the blood from the plasma, and then the doctor injects the separated plasma into the area to be treated using fine needles, and the duration of the session is 20-30 minutes.

Tips after plasma injection:

  • Avoid exposure to sunlight
  • Avoid using skin scrubs
  • Avoid washing the face for 24 hours